A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Get Well Soon! is a unique blend of horror, exploration and tense, stressful turn-based survival.

While we are busy creating a revamped, and much more polished, version of the game, please enjoy our prototype, made in 72 hours for the 27th Ludum Dare game jam!

  • A unique turn-based survival experience!
  • Plan your moves, for you have 10 seconds to move, then it is their turn.
  • No time to lose: the timer runs, and never stops!
  • Escape the building by finding key cards and reaching first the ground floor, then the main entrance!
  • Find optional files scattered around for additional clues on what happened.
  • Enjoy the bugs and quirks of a Ludum Dare game while you wait for the proper version's release :p
  • Play the game either in English, or in French!


Well, we did release an update (for Windows only for now, sorry, we will change that soon)...


  • Revamped the menu
  • Improved the direction of the beginning section of the game
  • Activated dynamic shadows and other lighting tricks
  • Improved somewhat the AI of some things

Please note

As stated, this is a prototype version, offered for free as a "teaser" of sorts. While we may be able to fix game-breaking bugs, this version is not actively developed any more. If you would like a more polished experience, please give us some time to polish the full version!

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Feel free to contact us about anything and everything, we love interacting with players and developers alike!

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 2.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorGSM Productions
TagsFirst-Person, Horror, Survival Horror, Turn-based


Get Well Soon! prototype v0.2.0 66 MB
Get Well Soon! prototype v0.1.0 (EN) 46 MB
Get Well Soon! prototype v0.1.0 (FR) 46 MB
Get Well Soon! prototype v0.1.0 (EN) 49 MB
Get Well Soon! prototype v0.1.0 (FR) 49 MB